2017 WMR Design Awards Instructions
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  1. Complete the online WMR Entry Form for each individual project you are entering.
  2. Provide payment in full for each project you are entering = $200.00 per entry.
  3. Within 48 hours, by return email -- You will receive a “PROJECT NUMBER” for each project you enter. Use ONLY this Project Number to identify your submittal files.
  4. Along with your Project Number, you will also receive a LINK to your individual Folder for each project you are entering.
  5. Your submittal narrative and all images must be submitted (uploaded to that individual folder) in a single PDF file not to exceed 10MB and 26 pages.
  6. All entries must be uploaded to your designated Folder(s) by 5:00PM, on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.
  7. Your submittal narrative should provide the following
  • Project Information (5000 character limit) - Describe your project, emphasizing the elements of design achievement as defined in the judging criteria.  Include project intentions, programming requirements, cost data, and the distinguishing aspects of your resolution.
  • Sustainable Design Intent and Innovation (5000 character limit) - Describe how sustainable design and building performance strategies are integrated within the project’s overall design goals.
  • Documentation of specific material choices to address the needs for indoor environmental quality and diversion of materials from the waste stream.


It is your responsibility to make sure the architect’s name and/or firm name is NOT revealed on any of the images, file names, plans or narratives.  Failure to follow this requirement will automatically disqualify the entry.


It is suggested that as far as possible, images should include the building in use, and the following in any order to best tell the jury your project’s story.

  1. Preservation/Restoration Projects  (if applicable) may add an additional two pages (not to exceed 28 pages total for this upload) to provide the jury with sufficient information to differentiate between the original architects’ work and the newly altered, preserved or restored work.
  2. One image showing each exposed side of the building or environment.
  3. One additional image showing the context of each exposed side of the building (may be omitted if the project’s relationship to its context is defined clearly in other prints).
  4. For a group of buildings, one image of the project sufficient to illustrate the complete project, including its relationship to its environs.
  5. For projects involving exterior alterations, one image of each altered, exposed side together with one image of the same side before alteration (unless evidence is submitted on the unavailability later.
  6. At least one interior image for each major functional space.
  7. Conceptual diagrams, elevations, floor plans, sections and site plan (including North arrow).


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